2011-07-18 02:28:57 by kahnor111

Oh, so, I forgot to say, That I happen to have a facebook page. I think it is linked somewhere on my page, but, nonetheless, I would appreciate if you were to like my page. Please, and thank you! :D

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kahnx2/1 59065140812546

A lot like me

2011-05-30 17:41:24 by kahnor111

Currently, peoples, I am on a look for a vocalist to help me with my music that I make! If this sounds like you, drop me a message on here! I check almost every day!


2011-05-25 19:52:14 by kahnor111



Voice acting

2010-12-08 23:26:30 by kahnor111

Hello, I am working on a voice acting career now. anybody who wants to hit me up with an offer... email me at Mrkahnkahn@gmail.com

Voice acting

I logged on to newgrounds and saw all this kevin Bacon stuff. Good april fools guy.

So, how about That kevin bacon?


2008-11-05 12:16:40 by kahnor111

Obama Freakin won! im happy for the next... What was i talking about?


Ohh shit forgot...

2008-04-30 20:15:44 by kahnor111

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its pico day! i forgot. i had a huge project i was working on. 3 dys from done. but now im not gonna finish it! well heres a vid of me to keep you happy!


2008-04-13 18:07:33 by kahnor111

My cusion got on my other account and got me banned from reviewing. this is my review one.